“A lot of great information for beginners; many tips also for those who have been selling in group shops for a while.” S.P.

“A lot of great information…”

“I wished I had this book when I tried selling in a mall. that was a disaster! this book is very well written and full of info.” K.C.

“I wish I had this book when I was selling in a mall…”

“I found a few good pointers in this book. Good personable read. Felt like we had some in common meaning I agreed with a lot of the book.” R.B.

“I agreed with a lot of the book…”

“An absolute “must read” before you start a business, especially an antiques booth business. Good basic info, well written, easy to understand and implement. I just wish I could purchase a hard copy to have on hand as a good reference.” P.R.

“An absolute must-read…”

“I am going to spend the recommended time analyzing my business plan – especially the inventory management ideas. Especially the concepts I read On the buying, inventory analysis and marketing described in this great little book. Thanks in advance for the insights and thought provoking business advice. Well worth the time I spent reading it.” C.A.

“Thought-provoking business advice…”

“Great advice for sellers, whether newbie or veteran. Easy to read. I’ve been a dealer for 20+ years and picked up a couple ”hot tips” that were new to me. And some of the other info I needed to be reminded of, so the book definitely was worth my time to read, and I’ll reread it again when my sales are in a slump. Thanks for the kick in the you-know-what, Mr. Jordan!” M.D

“Great advice for sellers,whether newbie or veteran…”

“Your column is the first thing I read each issue, after I retrieve my AT magazine from the mailbox”   P.B.

“Your column is the first thing I read in each issue…”

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your column in the AT. It’s always my favorite feature; if only such insights were presented in other hobbyist publications”   K.D.

“Your column is always my favorite feature…”

“A brief note to tell you how much I agree with and enjoy your latest Behind the Gavel column in Antique Trader regarding customer experience, expectations and signage. You make so much sense”   P.K.

“You make so much sense…”

“Hi Mr. Jordan, I have been learning some valuable lessons from “Behind the Gavel” for some time now. Thank you for writing it. The last article I read “Going Mobile” has helped me start preparations to update an old landing page to show up on smart phones”   B.M.

“Learning valuable lessons from Behind the Gavel…”